Physical Assault by Professional Athletes The sexual harassment happens to both men and women either in the work place or anywhere in the public. When it happens in the workplace it severely affects the work performance also. The employer can directly raise the issue to the human resource department and they will take the necessary action. The teacher sexual assault is seen in the newspapers and in the media so these case are taken under the Federal law. The company can take the preventive measures to reduce the sexual harassment cases by making the policies in the written format in the entire employees hand book, the human resource department can arrange for the training sessions for the employees to avoid the sexual harassment in the work place. If any misbehavior happens between the employers fee free to complaint to the higher authority. It is important to contact the legal attorney immediately after the cause. You can easily identify the person making the improper comments on you in the work place. Promotions are the main cause for the kind of harassments. The normal assault will have the duration of two years of legal punishment. If the victim is the child in the case of the sexual harassment then the legal procedures are different. If the students experience the harassment in the school then the parents must contact the attorney immediately. The verbal and the physical assaults will have the different punishments and the Federal law provides damages for the stress and the loss of wages.